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No matter what your massage needs are, pain management , relaxation,  or maybe just to increase your range of motion for a particular sport, every massage is tailored for you specific needs.
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Swedish Massage

​​60 min - $110

90 min-$140

If you are looking to be pampered and just relax this full body massage from head to toe is just what you are looking for.  Long  even flowing strokes will put you right to sleep.

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Prenatal Massage
60 min - $120

This specialty massage for expecting moms, helps relieve low back pain, increase relaxation, decreases swelling in the legs and feet.  Massage during pregnancy can help reduce the stress and discomfort with delivery.  Need to be in your 2nd trimester.

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Deep Tissue Massage
60 min-$110

90 min-$140​

After using swedish massage techniques to relax and warm the muscles.  Deep tissue techniques are applied to help the deeper layer of muscle tissue.  Great for helping decrease chronic pain and relax deep tension.

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Sports Massage
60 min - $110

90 min-$1140​

For Pre, Post, and Injury .Combined with deep tissue including specific stretching and range of motion techniques.  Helps prepare the body for peak performance for all athletes.  Reduces swelling, fatigue,  muscle and joint tension.  While increasing flexibility and helps with preventing injuries.


Phone:  678-382-3065

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